Monday, May 25, 2009

Ah yes, I'm back

Thank you to Bukko and Hipparchia for minding the children in the health care threads while I was gone :-). I'll finish reading all of the new comments as soon as I somewhat recover from multiple days of hiking. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying a gigantic pepperoni and jalapeno pizza, yum!

-- Badtux the Tired Penguin


  1. What no onions on the pepperoni and jalapeño pizza? lol

    Leg ok on the hike?

  2. Leg worked great. It's twinging a little, but not like it's about to tear or anything, just some of the scar tissue getting a workout...

    I don't eat onions on pizza. Ick! Onions belong on hamburgers, but only if grilled or saute'ed nice and thin.

    - Badtux the Still-tired Penguin

  3. what?! no onion?!

    that's... that's... that's unamerican! you probably don't eat anchovies either, i'll bet.

    oh well, the jalapenos make up for it. a little.

    [and yer welcome]


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