Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hmm, he don't like Dick Cheney

It's interesting that everybody who has ever experienced waterboarding has no problem saying that it's torture, even if it's someone as basically conservative as Jesse Ventura... it's only chickenhawks like Dick Cheney who love sending other people's sons into war but was too cowardly to go himself who defend torture. Hmm.

-- Badtux the War Crimes Penguin


  1. and too cowardly to admit he IS The Axis of Evil!

  2. Dick Cheney is sort of the ultimate chickenhawk. The one that all the other chickenhawks try to emulate. Whether it's torture or sending people off to war, where he's never been, he'll step up and do it without a sense of shame. With him I can never decide - psychopath or sociopath. Which is a better description?

  3. Cracks me up how King kept trying to shut him down on criticizing Bush. Good luck with that one.

  4. Best thing I've seen all day. Talk about a smackdown.

  5. Seems to me that if more conservatives like Ventura & Powell stand up for the their values Democrats could be in trouble. At the moment though, the GOP is running off anyone with serious values. I find myself wondering who (not if) will form a serious Conservative party, and leaves the Republican party to the wingnuts and religous kooks now in control.


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