Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Insane Clown Prince of Alien Race of Lizard People sues blogger

TBogg has the story.

Apparently Stephanie of Teablogging.net dug through public records and discovered that teabagging organizer Michael Patrick Leahy doesn't like paying his taxes unless legal action is taken against him. Which was fine and dandy with him, apparently, until Keith Olberman's people noticed this story that Stephanie uncovered and got the right-wing's Mr. Whipple ("Don't squeeze the teabags!") onto the Olberman show as one of the World's Worst People -- a tax evader who organizes rallies against taxes, yay! At which time Mr. Leahy went nuts and started frothing all over the furniture for this "invasion of privacy" created by, err, examining public records. #teapartyfail indeed...

In any event, I'll keep my eye on this one, and let you know when to send Stephanie some bloggy love (a.k.a. "money to pay her lawyer")...

-- Badtux the "If you can't beat'em, sue'em?" Penguin


  1. I keep expecting people this crazy to say "just kidding," but they never do.

    How dare someone expose public records to the public! It's an outrage!


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