Sunday, November 05, 2006

Where'd the penguin go?!

Preparing for my annual migration. Got a Panasonic ES4815 Travel Shaver yesterday, tried a couple of stores, finally found it at The Sharper Image in the mall. Thing runs on two AA batteries (runs fine on the rechargables), and is more compact than a regular razor and a small can of shaving soap, while not requiring water (important, since my annual migration ends up in the middle of a desert). It doesn't shave as well as a blade, but shaves fine for when I'm migrating. I also got a new baklava, one designed with a helmet liner built in and a nice fleece neck muff. This will feel nice on my head when the weather is cold! Also got a Fog City shield for my helmet to keep it from fogging up, and some velcro and double-sided tape for making a neck gaiter out of the heavy-duty vinyl-coated fabric from a cut-up cheap Sierra Trading Post dry bag (that costed me a whole $10 on clearance).

For some reason, motorcycle rain gear doesn't seem to include protection for the neck area, and on multi-hour trips in the rain water ends up running down one's neck and back. Ick. In the past I've made ad-hoc neck gaiters out of plastic garbage bags as required to stay dry in the rain, but they are noisy and difficult to deal with (not to mention that the duct tape is messy!). The vinyl-coated fabric is too heavy to flap, and the velcro closure will make it much easier to put on and take off. (The double-sided tape is for making the "U" bend at the top to a) keep water from being pushed over the top by the wind, and b) keep the top from cutting into the skin).

I'm still deciding what to do about the blog while I'm off on my migration. While I'll be hauling along my WIFI Win-CE PDA which is capable of using the Blogger API to blog, there really isn't going to be much to blog about during the trip, since I have no way of getting photos from my camera to the PDA (my travel camera doesn't do Bluetooth). Carrying a laptop while migrating via motorcycle doesn't work too well, unfortunately, because of limited space and too much vibration.... sigh.

Anyhow, I should be back on a regular posting schedule tomorrow. Which has been way TOO regular lately, but...

-- Badtux the Verbose Penguin


  1. How many days will you be traveling on your bike? Enjoy. Be safe. We look forward to hearing about your trip when you return.

  2. I do enjoy the image of a penguin helmeted in honey saturated filo sheets and walnut bits.
    And wish you a happy migration in your balaklava (a device of the Crimean War. By Florence Nightengale?)

    Forgive the snark oh honored Penguin. ;-]

  3. Once you get everything collected and packed, the migratrion sounds like fun. When do you start? and for how long?

  4. Mmmm, baklava! I love baklava. You forgot the cinnamon, BTW. Cinnamon is what makes baklava.

    I do not, however, wear it. Sorry :-). Balaklavas are MUCH better for wearing. They don't make your helmet sticky, for one thing (heh!).

    - Badtux the Cinnamon-loving Penguin

    (Hmm, now you done it... I gotta go make some cinnamon toast!).

  5. Damn, who knew a little penguin could ride a bike or go shopping? Such talent that I was not aware of until now.

    Hang on tight and fly like the wind :)

  6. You can always just enjoy the time away and not worry about the blog until you get back, that is what I would do.

    Just let us know when you are leaving and when you expect to be back.

  7. I'll be anxiously awaiting your snark-dripping commentary on the election and the results.

    The winters are great in the South, but on the penguin side of the equator is gets colder as you go south. I'm confused, to where do you migrate?

    mmmmmmmm, cinnamon, Now I'm craving some baklava.


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