Sunday, November 12, 2006


As I try to get everything packed for my annual migration, the Mighty Fang, unhappy at his sofa being used for something besides sleeping, settles down amidst the chaos and takes a nap.

From left to right: Large waterproof duffel bag. Fanny pack (straps to number plate on the front of the bike). Large cat. Fender tool pouch (straps to front fender). Large top box (mounts on luggage rack on back of bike). Needless to say, the cats are not happy with having their sofa preempted for motorcycle luggage packing purposes...

I will be posting sporadically or not at all over the next couple of weeks. You might check from time to time anyhow just to see if I've managed to upload some photos...

- Badtux the Migratory Penguin


  1. What happens to the cats? Have they mastered the technology of the can opener?

  2. I am touched by the concern for my cats amongst my readership! No, they are sweet kitties, but not all that bright even by kitty standards. I have an automatic cat feeder that will keep them fed for a week, an automatic cat waterer (otherwise called a "toilet tank") that will never run out of fresh water as long as someone flushes it once in a while, and their cat box will last a week without a problem. So they're fine for a trip of a week without any special arrangements, and for a two-week trip, I just add a cat box and have someone come in and refill the food dispenser and flush the toilet at the end of the first week.

    For more than that it'd be a problem... but I don't have that much vacation time (sigh!). So ...

  3. I thought that toilet water was just for dogs.

  4. They drink out of the tank, not the bowl. That's part of the deal we made after they started drinking out of the bowl despite me putting out fresh water every day. They prefer toilet water to penguin water, sigh... but drinking out of the bowl is just too disgusting!

    - Badtux the Watering Penguin

  5. Have a safe and enjoyable journey. Watch out for the monkeys. Hugs.

  6. While I won't hug you (it's unseemly to hug birds that can't fly) I'm down with BBC in wishing you a wonderful safe and happy trip. Wash behind your ear slots ever day, brush your beak, be careful driving and take some pictures, please.

  7. Are you following the other Emperors, the Adelies, the Kings, and others of your kind in heading farther south looking for colder climes and more sea ice? Nature on PBS had a good hour this past Sunday showing how all the melting in the Antartic is changing things drastically for the little short-armed guys.

  8. Yaaaaaaay! A cute pooty! I love cute pooties!


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