Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some like it hot

The quart bottle of hot sauce above is 2 weeks old.

One experiment I want to try: Hot sauce as salad dressing. Hmm...

-- Badtux the Hot Penguin


  1. I don't care how Louisianan you are. If you try that, you are fucking insane. I just look at a bottle of Tabasco, and I turn red...

  2. Chicken taco salad! Don't forget the avacado, it's good for the heart, go easy on the cheese and lite on the tortilla chips, yum.

  3. Chicken taco salad as usually prepared is about 1,000 calories. Or about the same as a medium thin-crust pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. Maybe good once a week, but I think I prefer the thin crust pizza as my once a week "binge"... as I mention elsewhere, penguins are intended to eat pizza, not lettuce :-).

    Mimus, Tabasco is *not* hot. It's more a vinegery taste. And the Tapatio that I buy by the quart jar is beloved by the local Mexican population (you can't go into any taqueria in the Mexican quarter where there aren't quart jars of the stuff around), but it's not that hot either, it's sort of a salsa rather than a Louisiana-type hot sauce, it has garlic and black pepper and onion and stuff in it (just finely ground). Alas, the hot sauce that I really like (Crystal Extra Hot) is no longer being made because the factory that made it got flooded out during the Great New Orleans Flood. Crystal Extra Hot was not as hot as a habenero-based sauce (but those are just too hot!), but it certainly made Tabasco look mild, and it was cheap too (a bottle costed 99 cents!). Too bad defective levee design by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers destroyed the factory that made it :-(.

    - Badtux the Heat-lovin' Penguin

  4. I know what Tabasco tastes like. To me, it's hot. Too hot.

    I can handle salsa, though. Medium...


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