Friday, November 03, 2006

Closets the size of friggin' football stadiums

Is there anybody in the Republican Party who isn't gay, a pervert, or both? Now we find out that Pastor Ted likes gay sex and meth. Uhm, who is Pastor Ted? Well, he's like the big cheese of the evangelical movement nowdays, and Preznit Dimwit's conduit into the nutcase evangelical community. As in, talks to Dear Leader or Dear Leader's Puppetmaster Karl Rove every Monday.

Hmm, kinda makes a penguin wonder what exactly Pastor Ted and Karl Rove were talking about...

"Anti-gay" Republicans. Closets the size of friggin' football stadiums. Feh.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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  1. That big cheese has passed his expiration date -- the New Life church booted him. I'll bet he needs more than a foot massage right now.

    * * *

    I see that list of Republican deviants is making the rounds again. It's all fine with me, except for one little thing. There's at least one name on that list that I think doesn't belong there: Paul Ingram. I happen to know a little bit about his story. It's a "recovered memory" nightmare.

    He was a policeman and Republican Party Chair in Olympia, Washington. He had a happy marriage, and the couple were devout Christians. He was probably too distant from his children, but he did shelter and provide for them. Overall, everything was fine.

    Then one day in '88, his daughter started telling people her dad had molested her. Then a second daughter did the same thing. The more they talked about the "incidents," the more complex and contradictory they became. Satanic elements were included and developed as well. Ingram couldn't remember any of the things they described, but he had this wicked problem trying to understand why they would tell such lies.

    His pastor got involved and told him to remember as best he could. Ingram, eager to please, started "remembering" some of the incidents. And his stories got wilder and increasingly contradictory, too.

    Then his wife started "remembering" things.

    All the while, there was no physical evidence to support any of these satanic molestation tales. None. And yet, in the end, Ingram pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 20 years. (I think he served a portion of it and was released in the last two or three years.)

    I'm sure I can find more on that...


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