Monday, November 27, 2006


are being posted at ImageShack

- Badtux the Migrating Penguin

Bumped to put it on top


  1. I love the cat on the cabinet pic. Looks like it's waiting to hop onto someone's neck or head.

  2. Do you stuff Herring like we do Turkey?

  3. It is hard to find good herring on the road, so I'm going to have to eat turkey. Seems somewhat cannibalistic, but what is a penguin in a time of chimpanzees to do, if the chimpanzees insist upon eating birds rather than fish at Thanksgiving?

    - Badtux the bird-eatin' Penguin

  4. Be careful and safe out there buddy. I love turkey, not so much into beef anymore.

  5. Penguin, we have some bad news for you. We know that you have, in the past, blogged extensively about the threat posed to America's penguins by that dastardly villain, The Gay Agenda. Well, it's worse than you feared: gay penguin propaganda has now infiltrated our nation's schools. The horruh!

  6. Oh no, not the gay penguins!

  7. The face shot of Fang (that is Fang, right?) is excellent. You should apply for an NEA grant or something...

  8. Why yes, that IS the Mighty Fang. I agree it is an awesome picture. But it took three years of trying to actually get it. Getting cats to cooperate is like herding Democrats :)

    - Badtux the Photography Penguin


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