Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Bleh. Penguins were not designed to eat lettuce. Penguins were designed to eat pizzas. With anchovies.

Alas, health says no :-(. Weight bumped up a bit above what's healthy for me, so it's back to low-cal chow for a couple of weeks... bleh. Just bleh.

-- Badtux the Calorie-restricted Penguin


  1. You're not getting out of this world alive anyway, so eat what you like. Just work it off.

  2. I got on the scale at one point last week and it read 198. That was the first time this millennium I've dipped below 200. But I'm still staying away from pizza for a while.

    Got an eye exam tomorrow. My vision is real good for a guy who prints for a living. But I have some suspicions. Blood work later this month, and then I go from there. (I'm concerned about my cholesterol and blood pressure.)

    Lettuce isn't bad with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, broccoli, and cauliflower. I wouldn't throw anchovies into the mix, but if it floats your boat...

  3. BBC, I live in the middle of a major metropolitan area. That's the tradeoff I make for being able to do some really cool things at work (and I'm talking *really* cool things, I love what I'm doing right now). Pretty much the only way to "work it off" is walking, which is fine and dandy (this is one of the more walkable metros), but hardly going to work off massive 2,000 calorie anchovy-and-pepperoni pizzas...

    And yeah, everybody dies. I'd just rather it be later than sooner, and without all the nastiness that happens due to high blood pressure (the peripheral nerve damage, the blindness, the heart attacks, yada yada). I want to die after a couple of months of pain and agony at age 79 due to cancer like most of my relatives, rather than slowly over a decade or more of obesity-related diseases.

  4. or kick up the exercise...that works for me...dance and dance and dance....smile

  5. 79?!? Whimp! I'm not planning on dieing until, at least, another 150 years or so.

    The good news is that I visited my doctor yesterday, and he's happy with my weight loss. Now, I just need to keep it up, err, down.


  6. Oh Yeah, anchovies are the only way to do pizza right!

  7. Is it really necessary to eat the entire pizza at one sitting? Pace yourself. One half for dinner, the other half for breakfast. ;)

  8. Oh yes, Evil Spock, penguins have great one-pack abs!

    AZ Goddess, yes, dancing is great exercise. Unfortunately, penguins aren't much for dancing. Waddling err walking, that's a different story, and I'll post a pic shortly :-).

    - Badtux the Walkin' Penguin


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