Thursday, November 16, 2006

Spammers suck...

Got a couple of comment spams, so now only registered Blogger users can post comments. Hopefully the comment spammers will go away in a bit and I can open comments back up, but it's too hard to clean up while I don't have good access to the Internets...

Badtux the "Are you SURE it's illegal to kill spammers?" Penguin


  1. spam spam spam - just kidding!!!

    hope your day is going better now

  2. I looked into Spam. It's basically pork shoulder in a tin can. So I tried it. It's salty and loaded with fat, but edible. I could eat this in a pinch. By no means will it ever become a staple in my diet.

    But Internet Spam? What gives here? Nobody wants this, so why is it still around?

  3. It's still around because the law protects spammers. Otherwise natural selection would swiftly eliminate from the gene pool all those who have the tendency to spam ("Mr. Spammer, meet Mr. Shotgun!").

    I say we need a hunting season for spammers, just like we have a hunting season for other nuisance animals such as deer and rabbits. That'll at least reduce our spammer problem to reasonable proportions. Only problem is, I hear that spammer isn't good eating... too much fat and cholesterol, and the meat tastes of Cheetos.

    - Badtux the not-politically-correct Penguin

  4. I'm a vegetarian, so SPAM is off limits.

    I do have info on increasing your length and girth. Increase breast size for the ladies . . .

  5. The ladies of my acquaintance are always amused to receive penis enhancement spams...

    - Badtux the also-amused Penguin


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