Saturday, April 29, 2006

Why are the tighty whities so scared of Mexicans?

That's a question that Seb over at Sadly No! asks. So: Why are tighty whities on the right wing so scared by brown people?

Here's my theory: Hispanics believe in family. As in, extended family - grandmothers, cousins, uncles, the works. This is very threatening to white Americans who believe in "I got mine, and screw you" even when it's concerning their own parents or children. Thus all the RV's driven by old white people on the roads with the signs in the back windows that say "I'm spending my childrens' inheritence", the strange depravity of age-restricted communities such as the various Sun City clones (the notion of old people being isolated from the younger people of their family makes the Hispanics that I know get a puzzled frown), etc.

The fact that Hispanics believe in family, in helping one another, simply conflicts with the world view of the tighty whities. Thus the shrieking and screaming and running around in circles pulling out hair and shouting "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!". It's the same bias that was used against Italians 100 years ago, just retargetted to another suspiciously brown populace that is Catholic, speaks some kinda funny furriner gabble, and believes in family.

Anyhow, that's my theory (based upon living in Hispanic communities years of my life). Whether it's true or not, it does point out one significant difference between the Hispanic community and the tighty whities, and explains why, where the Hispanics see family, the tighty whities see conspiracy. The notion of "family" in the traditional sense simply does not make sense to today's tighty whities with their isolated "nuclear families", and when they see it, they can't tell the difference between that and some kind of foreign conspiracy to destroy white people. Of course, it requires someone with a peculiar kind of stupidity and paranoia to think that way, but hey, stupidity and paranoia are two things not in short supply here in these United States of Delusion...

- BadTux the Family Penguin


  1. For the southern version of the tighty-whitey, the reason is even simpler: White = ME. Brown = Other. Good = ME. Bad = Other.

  2. I had to read this twice just to make sure I followed. Let me put this into perspective. Your argument really isn't about brown vs. white families at all. In fact, I find it a rather lame excuse to cover the real argument which is legal Americans vs. illegal immigrants. Now before I go any further, let me make this statement. I have no problem with color. I think it's stupid, and a worn card. But I don't think sovereignty is stupid, nor do I think our borders, our jobs, or our way of life is either. I'm from Michigan, and last year we voted against Affirmative Action and won. Why? Because we are racist? No. Because we are tired of race wars and reverse racism. We actually aren't racist, so we don't give ANYONE an advantage over another based on race. Period. And white people aren't afraid of brown, black, or friggin purple, and you shouldn't be either. It's a matter of legality and respect for our country. If you want to be here, by all means, welcome. But don't do it by jumping our borders, living under the radar, and by feeding of off social security that you don't pay into. As a taxpayer, I have a right to be upset by at least that much. So you tell me where color fits into this argument? I am more afraid of our borders deteriorating and our economy suffering far more than I ever will be any certain race. I find this entry to be a gross generalization, but I apologize if I I'm slightly off topic, and I do not mean any aggression towards the blog owner, but I did my best to decipher the entry. Have a good one!

  3. Actually, most of the "illegals" *do* pay into Social Security, since they are working under false papers. But of course they aren't eligible to actually *receive* any Social Security -- and don't. It's estimated that Social Security would run out of money a decade sooner than it already will if it wasn't for all the "does not match existing social security number" funds coming into the Social Security trust fund.

    But really, we have illegals in the United States because OUR RULERS WANT IT THAT WAY. Our rulers *WANT* a servile slave class with no civil rights that they can mistreat with impunity. My friends in the construction industry report that it's becoming almost impossible for Americans to get construction jobs because the contractors want illegals, because the illegals don't file OSHA violations when the contractor cuts corners and don't file Labor Department complaints when the contractor doesn't pay promptly or doesn't pay all of the promised wages.

    In short, the best way to deal with the "illegals", in my opinion, is to make them "legal" (sort of). That is, if you manage to wade across the Rio Grande, congrats. You get to work in our farms and factories on a "temp card". But this doesn't apply to your family or whatever, it just applies to you, the worker. My bet is that this would cut down on a) Americans getting kicked out of jobs so that they can be taken by illegals (since now the illegals will have the same rights as Americans and thus employers can't hold deportation over them as a threat if they complain to OSHA or DOL), b) hospital costs and such (since there would no longer be an incentive to bring your family over with their associated health care and school costs) and c) would result in an overall rise in wages because then a number of the illegals would go home when they could no longer find jobs because Americans are generally better educated and better trained.

    A slave class did not do ancient Greece nor ancient Rome good as a civilization, and is no good for the United States either. But our masters do enjoy their slaves...

    - Badtux the Slavery Penguin

  4. Social Security has turned into nothing more than a honey jar for the government to dip into. Illegals may not get SSN, but the money they get in government benefits had to come from somewhere; the taxpayer. And don't give me the line that immigrants are carrying SSN the extra couple miles. If paying taxes on goods were more easily avoidable, they wouldn't be paying that either, so I am not going to give them a round of applause. Social Security wouldn't be suffering if all the 12 million illegals were accounted for and paying income tax. And what about medical and property insurance? I do however agree that our current administration blatantly ignores this issue and seems to think it a good thing. But just because our rulers make it seem that way doesn't mean you or I, the taxpayer, need to be okay with it, or just sit on our hands. And I don't want Amnesty, or a temp card. I want our borders secured, end of story. It is not my responsibility or position in life to cater to anyone outside of this country, and really, anyone in it. I have an allegiance to this country, and we have plenty of citizens here that need help. If you want to be a part of our country, become a citizen, not a leach. I don't want a slave class either, so stop endorsing it. And you can't at the beginning say they aren't a problem and then half way through acknowledge they are, and how it should be dealt with. And after all this, I STILL want to know what this all has to do with color. I want to know how it is the missing piece in the puzzle. Tell me how white people's racism is the cause of all this.

  5. You apparently have never dealt with this country's immigration system. Basically it has been set up to make it almost impossible for a Mexican to become a citizen. That is deliberate.

    As for your rant on taxes: Social Security is funded by the Social Security taxes, not by income taxes. And most "illegals" do pay both income taxes *and* Social Security taxes, since they are working on false papers (they don't file income taxes at the end of the year of course, but their employers do deduct the taxes and send them to the IRS and state governments, and they do pay sales taxes and property taxes to fund schools). There's been studies done on this, and the few benefits that the "illegals" get (public schools for their kids being about it, they're not eligible for anything else) are pretty well outweighed by the money they pay into the system. I posted a link to the latest such study elsewhere on my blog, go search for it, I've already answered this question multiple times and am tired of repeating myself. I'm sorry that facts don't match your bigotries, but so it goes.

    I personally don't like the current immigration system, but I place the blame where it should lie -- on our rulers who want cheap workers but want to get them "under the wire" so to speak, who do this by setting up crazy immigration laws and then not enforcing them. The Mexicans just want to work, and if there was a way to legally do so, they would. But our immigration laws are specifically set up to make it almost impossible for them to get visas to legally work, then enforced in a wink wink nod nod way that gives employers a wink and a nod if they hire illegals. That's deliberate, and it's deliberate in order to set up a new slave class for our rulers, and frankly I'm far more concerned about having to compete with slaves for jobs than I would be about competing with free men for jobs. I believe that I, as an American, am smarter and better trained than average and thus can compete with any other free man anywhere. But how can I compete with a slave?

    But blame our rulers, not our Mexican immigrant workers, for that. It's our rulers who made the Mexicans illegal. The Mexicans just want to work, and if there was any legal way to do so, they'd do so. Since there isn't... (shrug). Capitalism, dude. People go where the money is. Why do you hate capitalism? :-).

    - Badtux the Free Penguin

  6. Okay, so since I was born an American citizen and haven't had to go through the process of becoming a citizen, which I can believe, know, and am not arguing it is a difficult process, I should view it in extremes of just letting everyone in or be considered a racist?! Where are these bigotries you accuse me of? I am simply stating the facts that regardless of opinion, these people are not citizens, and not every illegal in pays into taxes simply because a percentage of them have stolen identities and false papers, which doesn't bode well for your arguments either! YOU are the one that posted a blog that stated the only reason why America has a problem with the poor illegals is due to white fear and racism, not me. Then you proceed to later admit through your own attempts to prove me wrong that they are in fact doing things illegally besides being here undeclared, completely avoiding my initial question as to how you figure my issue with illegals is a race issue. Then you end it all with ,"I'm not going to repeat myself, I;m sorry the facts don't match your bigotries!!? Are you sure? I never said I agreed with the current system. In fact, I am quite aware at how inept it is. But again, that doesn't put me in the frame of mind, "well, it's broken, so let's forget the thing completely." It does need to be fixed, but not by Amnesty, hand out, or even some racist, pity party blog in denial. I would like nothing more than for this to work out the way it was intended, which is the secured land of the free, and I agree that our current administration, and plenty before that are part of this issue, but I am not a bigot just because I am not ignoring the fact that illegals have taken the course they have to work in a country they don't declare. What is it you want me to say? All I did was ask you how the issue at hand was race based concerning the facts and you very carefully tried to turn it around on me without ever answering my question as if I wrote the bigot blog myself. I am not asking that we see eye to eye, and i do believe in difference of opinion wholeheartedly. But don't have the nerve to write a blog like this and then wuss out when you get called on the table and resort to the race card. And I don't associate with Capitalism. I associate with the constitution, which was intended to give citizens the platform to have as different of opinions as the country is wide. But I don't believe in an uneven playing field or hand out. That isn't Capitalism, it's Socialism, and we are heading straight for it because plenty of people like you cannot discern the two. It isn't about our opinions, it's about what principles this country was founded on, and this immigration issue is just another tool the government is using to remove our civil liberties one at a time a dissolve our borders. If you can't understand that and still believe that the ones who are concerned for their country are hell bent on just keeping out anything that isn't white, then I am afraid your own ignorance has led you to believe just one of many pieces of propagated garbage that has been spewed by both sides of the partisan distraction. As long as we are divided, we are at risk, and this sort of thing isn't helping. Again, my intention wasn't aggression, but I don't like my words or view minced in order to win a debate.


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