Monday, April 03, 2006

So it wasn't racism?

The right wing blogs, and a lot of left wing blogs, are all jumping up and down and accusing Rep. Cynthia McKinney of crying "wolf" when she states that she was inappropriately stopped for being in the Capitol Building while black. They point out that she wasn't wearing her nametag, thus should have been stopped. But consider this:

  1. White legislators who were with McKinney were *NOT* stopped.
  2. Said white legislators were *ALSO* not wearing their name tags.
  3. Capitol Police have been issued photos of McKinney in order to identify her, but appear to have trouble telling one black woman from another, especially if the black woman changes her hairstyle from cornrows to an afro, as McKinney recently did.
  4. A black Capitol Police officer would probably have not had that trouble, but black Capitol Police officers are as rare as hen's teeth (hmm, in a majority-black city? No racism there!).
Racism? Shit yeah. Or how do you excuse the fact that, of all the legislators going through that checkpoint without their ID badge, only the black one was stopped and groped?

And BTW, about the "assault" she supposedly perpetrated against a Capitol Police officer -- if a white man gropes a black woman's breast, he can count on being slapped. That's 100% guaranteed. I don't care if the man is just some random dude on the subway, a police officer, or the Pope Himself -- that white man is getting slapped. I don't know any black woman who would NOT slap a white man groping her breast. The very fact that apologists for racism here can make excuses for a white man groping a black woman's breast shows just how bigotted and racist American society really is.

Racism? Fuck yeah. And if you want to deny it, all I gotta say is that you got your head stuck so firmly up your ass that all you can see is your small intestine. 'Nuff said.

-- Badtux the Observant Penguin


  1. Yeah... gotta put that black bitch back in her place, ya know.

    *shakes head*

    Anyone who says race discrimination is not alive and well in this country is full of shit or just too stupid to live.

  2. The problem is that what's obvious to you and I and a few others with a brain is completely invisible to most Americans. Hence the inevitable conclusion about the brains of the average American . . .


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