Monday, April 03, 2006

Sick geeks

For those of you who aren't geeks, Perl is the camel of computer languages -- ugly, nasty, brutish, will spit you in the eye or kick you if you so much as look at it wrong, and far too useful to do without. Perl programs are commonly called "write-only" because they look like just plain gibberish if you're reading them afterwards.

Typical Perl code looks like this:

if (/^EXEEXT/) { /^.*=(.*)/; $EXEEXT = $1; }

Not content with this level of obscurity, though, Perl geeks have gone two steps further: Writing Perl programs in Latin, and in Klingon. This is almost as sick as WhiteSpace, the computer language that has only three valid syntactic elements: space, tab, and linefeed.

Some people just have too much time on their hands...

-- Badtux the Geeky Penguin

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