Saturday, April 08, 2006

Christopathic lunacy

Ah yes. Logic? Zilch. Reason? Zilch. To whit, regarding the Dalai Lama visiting the Mayo Clinic:

"... this false prophet, who probably is going to give them some kind of lie because he represents everything that has to do with the New Age movement."

Err, Buddhism predates Christianity, you Christopathic nutcase.


"But this is a false god in a false religion, who has nothing to offer anybody," she emphasizes. "As a matter of fact, he's a Buddhist, and Buddhists don't even believe there's a God."

Jeeeebus. Buddhists don't believe there's a God, yet the Dalai Lama is preaching a false god? Hmm... there's a problem with that statement, but I can't figure it out, because it'd require that nasty "logic" and "reason" stuff. *DOH!*.

- Badtux the Rational Penguin


  1. Christians do have trouble with buddhism.. but then, christians have trouble with anything that challenges their shaky little world.. which it seems, everything does! ;-)

    I've a few bible thumping baptist' & a few closet believers in my family.. makes for interesting family gatherings! The head thumper has already told me that I am _going to hell_.. I was nice & didn't bother telling her she was already _in_ hell. ;-)

    On the other hand, I've a catholic cousin who spent his 'nam time (he was a military photo journalist whose job was documenting the affair) very much near a buddhist temple.. Being an inquisitive & caring kind of guy, he started helping them in their caring for kids & other harmed people. Said the experience completely challenged & changed his view of life. (must have, he came home & married a jewish gal.. shocked both families! ;-)) Hard to hold onto the lies in the midst of true caring in a war zone..


  2. Funny how these Christian supremacists never have anything to say about the faith healers, false prophets, and snake oil salesmen in their own midst...

  3. The bottom line, the ministry leader says, is the need for people "to pray for this thing that's going to happen on April 17."

    And that right after they've shown that not only does prayer have no effect, it statistically has a slight negative effect. Good, let her pray.

    In fact, it makes me wonder why they haven't completely wiped themselves out with all the praying: with a -7 points, you would think that eventually they would do themselves terminal harm. Perhaps they don't do all that praying they talk about.


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