Sunday, April 09, 2006

Department of Homeland Security opens detention facilities for *FAMILIES*

You're a little kiddo and your Mommy and Daddy commit a crime? No problemo! Put Mommy, Daddy, and Kiddo too into a detention facility! (See near the bottom, where Homeland Security Secretary SkeletorChertoff says they're being opened as a solution to the problem of illegal immigrants who bring their children with them).

If I were writing a science fiction novel about a government falling into repression, I'd have trouble getting that first paragraph past the editor. She'd say, "Who would believe it?" When reality is grimmer than fiction, it's time to stock up ye olde iceberg with MRE's and prepare to cast off.

- Badtux the Prepared Penguin


  1. Gee, and after the week I've had, I didn't think anything would cheer me up.

    Boy, would my family be pissed.

  2. They're gearing up for deporting the 11 million illegals - or making them into slaves...?


    Time to get a passport!


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