Monday, May 23, 2005

Spanking, sex, and red state fundamentalism

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo asks, "What is wrong with these religious fundamentalists?". It seems that the right wing nuts have a bad habit of pronging their kids, as has been shown over and over again. And nobody should be surprised -- the whole foundation of these nutballs' notion of "discipline" is repressed sexuality expressed as sado-masochism.

Sexual abuse of this type is a natural result of the way that the fundys raise their kids. Their kids grow up believing that it is their duty to be absolutely obedient and subservient to their parents and pastor/priest, and that it is okay for their parents and pastor/priest to touch them in any way necessary to discipline them. Spanking the bare buttocks with the hands is a common disciplinary method, I will leave it to you to imagine the sexual context thereof and how easily it is that their parents and/or pastor/priest can move from the sado-masochism of spanking the bare buttocks to more explicit sexual acts.

My suspicion is that the reason why every fundamentalist that I've encountered in my life is, excuse my language, stone-ass crazy, is because of all this hidden sexual abuse in their childhood. Thus the reason why they are so warped when it comes to sex, to the point of trying to outlaw various sexual acts between consenting adults. These are some sick puppies, and we aren't doing them any favor by treating them as if they were sane adults. They're not. They are, excuse my language, fuckin' nuts. Literally.

-- Badtux the Red-State Refugee Penguin


  1. I'm an on-and-off member of Democratic Underground (on hiatus for now), and I've met at least one fellow member there who's from a fundy background and also happens to be a victim/survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

    And I don't doubt that a lot of conservative Republicans, especially the Dominionists, are closet pedophiles.

  2. My sister dated a guy for a few years from a fundamentalist family. There was just something in his EYES (and he basically admitted to being a somewhat repressed bisexual :() Thank God she dumped him once he started babbling the patriarchal nonsense about staying home barefoot and pregnant.

  3. They are all perverts. I have been with several 'straight' (at least in their own 'minds') Marines and every one, EVERY ONE, wanted a stiffy up their a.., wanted it RIGHT NOW. There's a long-established truth about Marines that we gays know: Mraine: You can f..k me and you caN s..k me BUT DON'T KISS ME 'CUZ I'M STRAIGHT.


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