Monday, May 16, 2005

The 1st Commandment

Sometimes I wonder if the course of human history has been changed because the person who transcribed Exodus was dyslexic. Was the First Command perhaps supposed to be, "I am the Lord thy Dog, thou shalt have no other Dogs besides Me"? I picture this Creator as a cinnamon-colored Laborador Retriever, intelligent, loyal, and friendly, ready to help His creations in any way he can and always happy to go fetch a stick, especially if water is involved. What a difference it would have made if this had been the creator we worshipped rather than the grumpy shepherd with a beard that we in the West instead ended up worshipping!

- Badtux the Non-dyslexic Penguin

PS: Yes, I know in the original Aramaic, God and Dog are not anagrams... sheesh, what do you think I am, a Southern Baptist?!


  1. Schism! Schism! I have it on authority from my cats that the dog is a false dog and shall lead one into the false path.

    Hey, what do you want? They outnumber me; I've got to listen to them.

  2. damn, i had been wondering about that very topic for mostly(18-23) and then I went to jail and read many books, and one in particular said that DOG was one of the main egyptian gods.

  3. I could agree, except that dogs are pack animals. They like to have more than one working together.

  4. Indeed, the fact that Dog is a pack animal may be why Dog is a plausible Creator -- surely Dog would be lonely and wish to create a pack to keep Dog company?

    And the Labs that I've known haven't really considered fellow Labs to really be dogs, they are part of pack of two -- themselves and their Human. So a commandment that says "Thou shalt have no other Dog besides me" is quite plausible...


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