Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thursday evening music break

Interesting how this young woman (Brandi Carlile) can take a 40 year old song (Elton John/Bernie Taupin's Sixty Years On) written years before she was born and make it her own. Yeah, both she and Elton John are gay. What's your point? That the gay agenda is... good music (gasp!)?

-- Badtux the Music Penguin

Oh yeah: The original:


  1. Miller Schlitz4/9/09 3:42 AM

    I always wondered what the "gay agenda" was. You know, all the churchy/preachy/conservative religious nuts are against it. You're right - it's good music. Just spend a few minutes listening to "contemporary Christian" music at some god-forsaken megachurch, and you'll sign on to the agenda, too!

  2. WTF can it ever matter , to anyone else , who they care for ?
    an openminded (at times) w3ski

  3. Y'know, that's my feeling exactly. The thought of doing the dirty with another guy gives me a case of the icks, but that's *my* problem. Like I explained to a guy in a gay couple who asked me "what do you think about gays?" when I was 19 years old, it wasn't my thing, but it wasn't any of my business what people did behind their bedroom doors either. He had offered my brother and I a room for the night, we were young, poor, and broke and on the road trying to sell some stuff we'd made, he'd bought some of our stuff and was listening to us try to figure out who we knew in Houston who might let us crash on their couch and living room floor when he offered his spare bedroom. We accepted BTW, he and his partner were perfectly nice people and made no attempt to proselytize us with some "gay agenda" or anything (unless said gay agenda is "being nice to other people"), in retrospect the question was a polite way of asking *US* if we were gay since two guys traveling together *might* have been a gay partnership rather than brothers back in those closeted days.

    I'm proud to say that decades later I'm still of the same opinion: Maybe the notion of gay sex makes me say "ick", but really, it just isn't any of my business -- it doesn't hurt me or mine in any way, so WTF?!

    - Badtux the MYOB Penguin


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