Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Heckuva job, Baucus

Sane conservative John Cole notes that finally there is a bipartisan consensus over health care reform... both Republicans and Democrats despise the "health care reform" proposal that Senator Max Baucus just introduced in the Senate.

Heckuva job, Maxxy! Can we nominate you for douchebag of the week award yet? Or is it still too early to do that, given that there are still three days left in the week?

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. I know the Government is what they are , and no more , but don't these guys have to actually DO something , anything ?
    I know this guy gets well paid for his time , does he ever have to produce anything other than his lips flapping ?
    I would give my left arm for a job that didn't make me do anything except bullshit .
    a dumstruck w3ski

  2. Go ahead and nominate the asshole, I'll second it.

  3. isnt it amazing how many Dems are really Rs (RINOs) and there are zero Reps that are Ds

    baucus makes douchebags look good

  4. John Cole is sane?

    I don't know anything about the guy, but my oservation over the last decade has been that "sand conservative" is an oxymoron.


    JzB the (somewhat) sane trombonist

  5. OK. My bad. I didn't follow the link. You mean the Balloon Juice guy. He's a conservative?!?

    Anyhoo, please forgive my embarrassing typos in the previous post.

    I need to go to bed.

    Cheers, and good night
    JzB the tired trombonist

  6. Mr. B T
    I too am spelling impaired as well as typing impaired .
    Any way to get 'spell check' on the comments ?

  7. It is a rather unique accomplishment to craft a bill that no one will vote for.

    Are they going to bother to pass any of the pending bills on spending, or will they just float along on "continuing resolutions"?

    If they can find time to defund ACORN and demand that Amtrak allow people to carry guns on trains, you think they might get around to passing funding for the military.

    Why Now?

  8. Always plenty of time to do the Rethugs' pleasures. Never much time for the business of good government.

    Baucus has taken as much as if not more than any of the Rethugs from the insurance/hospital/insiders racket who don't want any health care passed that doesn't increase profits to the insurers and decrease care to the citizens (never mind the non-citizens).

    I found the coverage he was accorded by the bought-and-paid-for media (not to mention the real journos) interesting. He's the false flag before Obama's bill gets approved.

    Right. There will be no reform in the health care finance reform bill.

    Just getting us ready for the snooze.

    Thanks for covering this!

    Oh, and DC, if they are almost all (excluding Dennis, et al.) just members of the money party (and this we know), why the surprise?

    isnt it amazing how many Dems are really Rs (RINOs) and there are zero Reps that are Ds

  9. w3ski, I'll get Harry Potter right to work helping Google implement spell check for Blogger comment forms. After all, we wouldn't want a Blogger comment to accidentally turn someone into a frog or somethin', right?

    If you want a spelling check, on the other hand, I suggest using one of the many Firefox plugins which do exactly that (i.e., provide a spelling checker for inputs into online web forms). Sorry, can't recommend one, it comes built in to the MacOS version of FireFox :P.

    Bryan, yes indeedy, crafting a bill nobody will vote for takes great talent. But it's an endeavor you embark upon only when you want no bill at all to be passed -- which, apparently, is Baucus's objective.

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  10. Sorry Mr Penguin , didn't mean to offend . Jazzbumpa and I just seem to have the same "sticky key' problem . And , you do have a solution , if I had Firefox .
    Bad day at the Herring Factory ?
    an apologetic w3ski

  11. Nah, don't take it personal, w3ski. Just enjoy tweakin' folks who talk about "spell" check when they're talkin' about SPELLING check. Spells are what Harry Potter specializes in. Spelling is what our elementary school teachers tried and failed to drill into our heads :).

    Don't have any advice on Firefox on Windows. Here on Mac, mis-spelled words show up with a red underline under them, and I right-click on the word and it gives me alternatives. On Windows... (shrug). I just know it's available, but it's a plugin on Windows and might require installing a dictionary (hard to believe that Windows doesn't include a dictionary!).

  12. On my browser (Firefox, XP) I get red underlining when I misspell (which is often) and I have not installed any spell correcting plugins.


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