Friday, September 04, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Most of the world celebrates Labor Day on May 1. The U.S. is different, because May 1 scares the shit out of the Chamber of Commerce and the rich fucks who run this country, because May 1 is when labor in the REST of the world takes to the streets and tells business they're gonna treat their workers right, or else -- complete with dragging particularly nasty business managers out into the streets and beating the shit out of them and tar and feathering them. Given the events of the past couple of years more than a few of our own business "leaders" could do with a bit of tar and feathering, starting with the fucks who run the big banks who gambled all our money away in a giant real estate ponzi scheme then demanded we bail them out or they would slit our throats on their way down, and you can be damn sure that these guys want the example of the rest of the world well out of sight of the American sheeple, who are unique world-wide in being the most cowardly, trembling, submissive workers of any supposedly democratic nation.

So I'm gonna go work on my Jeep, maybe build a security trunk for the back and a hardtop hoist so I can easily pop my hardtop on and off single-handedly without having to round up three buddies with strong backs to help me (and look, I'm in my late middle ages, rounding up three buddies who ain't all laid up with bad backs and bad knees and shit is hard for me). As for Labor Day... it'd be a good idea. But the cowardly American worker ain't gonna take on those leeches who suck all our wealth that we create up for their own benefit, so we might as well just call it "Sheep Day" and get it over with, it's just a long weekend holiday as far as I'm concerned.

-- Badtux the Rude Penguin


  1. Asskicking is demanded, and you always deliver. Plus, geeks are so fucking sexy, yaknow. Thanks for the Linux lecture.

  2. then demanded we bail them out or they would slit our throats on their way down

    The more I read the deep news of what happened last September, the more I think the financemaggots were worried about a massive, worldwide run on the banks if their true insolvency was revealed. People would have realised "Holy shit -- that money we thought was in our accounts? IT DOESN'T EXIST! We gotta get out what we can before the banks shut the doors!"

    Keep an eye out for how many references you see to "run on the banks" in the MSM. I bet you don't see many. It's a concept TPTB don't want kicking around in peoples' minds. If they think it, it might come...

  3. Ah, yes the liberally biased MSM. Good point Bukko.

    Calculated Risk has been keeping track of bank failures. I still believe we are just beginning our slide down . . .

    JzB the pessimistic trombonist

  4. "Baa, baa," said the workers.


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