Friday, September 18, 2009

Making my guys feel smarter

Compared to this kitteh, my guys are friggin' geniuses. Neither has a problem lapping water out of a faucet without putting their whole head under it.

-- Badtux the (Smart?) Cat Owned Penguin


  1. I see this guy drinking but I think there is more to it than that . I have a cat that is part "Turkish Van" with a very differen't coloring pattern and attitude and voice from any other cat . They (not my girl) are known to like water as in wading . Growing up I saw a similar cat in my neighbors yard that would sit on the grass when their master turned on the wave sprinkler . It actually liked to get wet . This cat doesn't have the coloring but it too may just like getting wet .
    It's a rare gene in cats , but it does exist .

  2. w3ski, obviously this cat doesn't have any allergy to water, on the other hand, he also appears to be the world's most inefficient cat at getting a drink out of the water faucet. He's sitting there with water showering over his head managing to lap up the occasional droplet that happens to run forward across his face. Funny as hell, but makes me appreciate how smart my kittehs are too, even if they sometimes do silly things!

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

  3. It definitely looks like it's enjoying itself.

  4. That cat is awesome. Looks like it's having a good time. Anyway, I suspect it is one of the rare domestic cats that, like the rare big cat cousins (i.e., Tigers), actually likes playing in the water.

  5. When we lived in Arcata we had a cat named Ajax that loved water. Our next-door neighbor was a surfer and would rinse out his wetsuit on the lawn we shared - Ajax would hear Tom's truck coming down the driveway and would run out and wait for him on the lawn! Tom would spray water up in the air and Ajax would run around under the shower trying to catch the drops.

    The first time he came in the cat door, totally soaked on a sunny day, was truly a WTF moment.

  6. My sister has four cats, one of which is too smart for her own good. She can open doors. She's been known to open the pantry door and lead the other cats in to the food. Then she shuts the other three in the pantry and has the house to herself.

  7. My cat Jack would definitely do this, given the chance. My other cat, Owen, watched the entire video with a look on his face that said, "Dude, what is WRONG with you?"


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