Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The GOP is right!

Headline: "GOP says Obama needs to start over on healthcare".

I agree! And here is what he needs to say: "I have heard the message, and what I've heard is that most Americans like Medicare but don't like the overly complex plan that I proposed in my campaign platform and that the Senate and House have been working on. It's time to re-start. So today I am sending a proposed bill to the House and Senate to extend Medicare to all Americans with a Social Security card, not just to senior citizens. This will be a budget-neutral bill that is funded via extending the Medicare tax and via a surcharge on those making over $500,000 per year, as well as redirecting current Medicaid funding to Medicare instead. I have listened, America, and I have heard, and I guarantee you this -- I will not sign a single bill until this Medicare For All bill is sitting on my desk for my signature. "

That would be leadership, though, so it isn't happening. But I do agree with the GOP that Obama needs to start over on healthcare -- just have a different idea of what he needs to do than the GOP plan (which is, "go home to die without medical treatment unless you're rich enough to pay out-of-pocket").

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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  1. well, i've sent emails and called the white house with this particular message since just before the august break. am i the only one? [cuz i can tell they're not listening to me]


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