Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sick puppies

Dr. Paul Krugman is getting death threats for... talking economics.

This is just sick. What kind of vile, vindictive person could ever want to kill a man just for talking about how HR3200 looks like the Swiss healthcare system and how the current U.S. deficit is not, by historical standards, an unsupportable one? I could understand a death threat if Krugman was in power and threatening to impose a dictatorship, or somethin' like that, but look. He's an economist and columnist, for cryin' out loud. He wields a mean slide rule, but that's about his only threat to the nation even if you don't agree with him. What's he gonna do, kill us all with ten-pound Economics textbooks?

But I guess if you're a member of the Hateful Right, hate is all you have against Krugman's facts and figures. Tells you just how far off the rails the right wing has gone, that making death threats against an economist is all they got left...

-- Badtux the "All they got is hate" Penguin


  1. You're exactly right. Hatred and bitterness are all they have. I made that point somewhere, but can't dig it up now. What I did say, just before the election last Nov. was this:

    "If Barack Obama is elected the next President on Tuesday, I fully expect the Republicans and their water-carriers like Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh to take the lowest road imaginable, just like they did during the Clinton years. The republic is resilient and will survive this undeclared war, even while a thoughtful, intelligent and capable President goes about the serious business of governing the nation."

    JzB the Krugman-loving trombonist

  2. Hate, bitterness, and a monumental amount of ignorance, too.

  3. Well, yeah - but I didn't consider ignorance to be actually having something.

    JzB the has something trombonist

  4. As hateful as they are, why should they change? Looking at the poll numbers, they have managed to scare a good chunk of the dumb masses back to their side.

  5. I kinda like Terrant's "dumb masses" remark. That says it all.

    Who would thunk they'd have ever paid attention to an economist in the past? Prolly means that their "leaders" recognize real danger.

    A salute to Prof. K!

    I'm loving it.


  6. Just like small spoiled children . "It's Mine , you can't have it !" , "If you don'e agree wiff me , I'm gona get maddd and Hit You !" Where were these people parents , when it was time for some moral guidence ? Obviously money and good schools don't make a person who they are if they never had guidence to begin with . It just seems so sad that these people insist on publishing their ignorance and fears . Even the 'christianists' are spouting hatefull and mean language . Will no one stand up and be an adult in conversation and remind this new "class of haters" how rude , childesh , and disgusting they are ?


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