Sunday, December 02, 2007

Purple toe

I stubbed my toe against something and now it hurts and it looks like the nail bed is bruised and/or damaged (it's purple and blue). I'm debating whether to head on down to K-P Urgent Care, but the toe seems to be the same shape as the corresponding toe on the other foot and isn't swollen up like something's broken so I'm not sure what good that would do other than waste my time on something that only time can heal... hmm...


  1. did ya ever do the heat a paper clip and burn a hole through the nail to relieve the pressure?

    if that sounds like a good idea you should go to the ER.

  2. MEEP! Uhm, no. More along the lines of "take two aspirin and take a nap". Which is what I did this afternoon. Believe me, if it hurt *that* much, I would have hobbled in to Urgent Care today. (Since I'm with K-P, I don't need to go to the ER for things like stubbed toes as long as I'm going in between 6am and 9pm, Urgent Care is open all day and has a much lower co-pay to encourage you to go there rather than clog the ER with minor injuries).

    The kind of pain that interferes with sleeping, well, *that* is gonna get me to a doctor pretty quickly. Other than that, I must admit I'm a rather perverse soul. I realize this isn't good for me, but (shrug).

  3. I've had this damn lump on my head-I'm assuming I hit my head recently. Was your general average hard lump on the it got squishy and liquidy. I keep waiting for it to "go away." But the damn thing is just sitting there. I had planned on going to Urgent Care today, but a nap was more interesting.


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