Sunday, December 30, 2007

The meltdown in Pakistan

Lest we forget: Pakistan has the noo-coo-lahr bomb. So we invaded Iraq (which didn't have the noo-coo-lahr bomb) because, well, because noo-coo-lahr bombs are bad, and didn't invade Pakistan (which does have the noo-coo-lahr bomb, as well as hosting Osama bin Forgotten) because, well, uhm, well, because. Alrighty, then!

-- Badtux the Noo-coo-lahr Penguin


  1. Well, if we are going to attack someone with nuclear bombs we had better damn sure make sure we take those bombs out before their bombs are delivered to us.

    Bush isn't going to pick on a country with them, he will only pick on those that don't have them.

    Oh, what the hell, this greedy country deserves to be taken out. And you know it.

    Welcome to 2008, it should be an interesting year.

  2. Pakistan is our friend. We have been giving them millions every month since...(well a few years anyway) because they want to be a "Democracy"
    President Pervaiz Musharaf just needs a little more time that's all.
    "Democracy's" are the only countries worthy of the nuke-u-lar bomb, don't ya know?

  3. We had to starting paying them after they agreed to stop selling their "nuclear weapons made easy" kits on EBay.


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