Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday dinners

George W. Bush's Christmas dinner:

Christmas dinner for several hundred people in one of the richest cities of the United States: No other words are necessary.

-- Badtux the "Two pictures are worth a thousand words" Penguin


  1. Thanks, Badtuxyoubadboy!

    I saw this scene at the free Thanksgiving lunch for the poor in Fayetteville, NC. When I asked the sponsor where were the vegetables in this great meal (hamburgers/hotdogs/mystery meat), I was told that no one thought of that, and don't potato chips count?

    Maybe they'll put a green veggie in the Christmas dinner?

    Thanks again!


    Welcome to Pottersville


  2. The bottom photo is actually from a soup kitchen run by a Catholic charity in Pennsylvania and is not a holiday dinner, it is an everyday lunch. If you go to the web site of the Martha's Kitchen organization linked above, you can see photos of their 2005 Christmas dinner (well, they do not show their patrons out of respect for their patrons' privacy, but you can see the cafeteria trays of food). These cafeteria trays are packed with a lot more than burgers/hotdogs/mystery meat. But in the end it's still cafeteria trays in a cafeteria setting, no matter how nice their volunteers try to make it. (Martha's Kitchen has one[1] paid employee, everything else is done by mostly-elderly volunteers and pretty much every dollar in donations goes to food for the poor in one of the richest cities on the planet).

    Contrast that with the lavish arrangements of a man who has never had a hungry day in his life... 'nuff said.


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