Monday, December 17, 2007

The death of parody

With all the things going on -- the collapse of the U.S. mortgage industry, skyrocketing foreclosures, record oil prices, continued decline in the income of the average American, and so forth -- I thought about writing a parody where Bubble Boy Bush was the captain of this Titanic. "Don't worry," he shouts to the passengers as the ship lists to one side upon hitting not one iceberg, but a whole friggin' boatload of the damned things. "This ship is unsinkable!", he shouts. "Those weren't icebergs, those were just... farts! Yes, big farts by the engine room crew that they light off for fun! Go back to your cabins, there's no problems here!"

Just as I was about to put flippers to keyboard to pound it in... President Bush in reality goes on television and makes the above speech.

Crap. How can you parody something that's already a parody?

-- Badtux the Parody Penguin


  1. it is maddening isn't it? when the stuff they say in all seriousness is wilder than the stupidest parody i can come up with i figure it's just time to bury myself in chocolate.

  2. The days of satire and parody have past. Farce is all that's left. It's time for the rubber chickens and pig's bladders.


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