Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oh the surge! The manly, manly surge!

So Paul Greenberg of Clownhall sez the surge is a success.

By his standards (fewer deaths happening), the U.N. mission to Srebrenica was an astounding success. The surge has been successful in stopping factional killings in Baghdad much in the same way that the U.N. mission in Srebrenica was successful in stopping factional killings in Srebrenica. The factional killings in Srebrenica, if you recall, stopped once the Serbs overwhelmed the Muslim militia forces defending the town and exterminated every Muslim man in the town and evicted the Muslim children and women. At that point Srebrenica became peaceful. By Greenberg's standard, that makes Srebrenica a glorious victory for the United Nations.

Better clowns, please?

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. not only cleansing areas ethnically, but all that remain are in walled off, guarded and gated enclaves. bagdhad, it's the new malibu! (but with carbombs instead of earthquakes)

  2. "So Paul Greenberg of Clownhall sez the surge is a success."

    Whatever, but the real question is are you ready for the failure of America?

    I am, I just don't know if you are. Are you?

  3. The measure they established for the success of the surge was political reconciliation. I don't remember the last time the Iraqi parliament actually met and did anything.

    This is so screwed up and just under 400 days to go.

  4. Remember the Baghdad maps that Petraeus used to show the decrease in violence? And how it turned out he hid the fact of ethnic partitioning? If you need a review, you can read it here.


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