Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Serial feline lap warmers

Right now, the cats are taking turns keeping my lap warm while purring.

Nothing like a warm cat to make the day come to a close on a good note...

-- Badtux the Cat-warmed Penguin


  1. Without cats how does one keep a warm lap? I can’t even remember. Current count = six.
    Currently there is Fat Joe – a large arrogant dark tiger stripe. He is Alpha Cat – master of all there is!
    Joe’s sister Meg – she is a sleek fabulous vain dark tortoise shell calico. She prefers to be the only cat, so she lives in my husband’s store. The store is her kingdom - she is empress of her domain!
    Joe & Meg’s brother Fuzzy – he is a wonderful loveable soft gray bundle of fuzz. He is very effeminate – we believe him to be the gay brother.
    Then there’s their younger half brother Purrelli. Looks like a smaller version of Joe, but has a weird cowlick in his fur (perhaps they used forceps during his delivery?). He’s only social during the cold months. His brother Cooper has been missing since we brought home the crazy yellow lab puppy. We suspect he moved to the neighbors with kids and no dogs.
    Jackson looks like she’s part of our cat family, but couldn’t be because they’ve all been fixed. She appeared last summer – a very young kitten with an injury under her neck. It healed fine, but causes her to always tilt her head – she looks very inquisitive, and is extremely ornery. She is known to attack feet while you are sleeping without provocation.
    Taylor looks nothing like the others – typical Garfield orange stripe. He appeared recently after the yuppie neighbors moved out. Nice people huh? Moved from one ½ mil house to another, but didn’t bother to find the cats new homes – just left them to fend for themselves. Taylor is about a year old and went to the Vet last Friday. Came back with less equipment than he went with.
    And now there’s a very sweet female (at least she seems to be already fixed) that appears to be looking like she plans to stay. Probably another refugee from the yuppie exodus.
    Yep – no cold laps here.

  2. Yes, one of the high points of civilization.

  3. And, no pictures! Shame...


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