Friday, July 28, 2006

Americans too fat to fit into X-ray, MRI machines

Yes, too fat. And it's hurting their healthcare.

I was about to go out and buy a burrito for lunch, but maybe I'll settle for something a little less fattening, such as a can of tuna and half a cup of rice. Sob!

-- Badtux the "Diets suck!" Penguin

PS -- the good news is that I'm 10 pounds down and my blood pressure is (just barely) back under the red alert danger zone. The bad news is that I need to lose another 10 pounds to be down to my regular weight and get my blood pressure back to normal. Sob! I like fish, but I'm tired of eating so much fish!


  1. I'm eating chocolate and avoiding health-care machines. The Rapture is coming any day now and God should be able to lift me no matter what my weight is.

  2. I have a remedy for being over weight for all Americans.


    Thank you.

    Ole Blue the Mighty Full Dawg

    PS Hey look another piece of chicken


  3. can of tuna

    If you're not too fat to fit in the machine, the mercury oughta show up good!

    Wasn't it you who was telling me 'life is short, stops out' just the other day? Eat the burrito, just not all the time. Have fun. Exercise.

  4. Gordon, you're out here so you know, but for the rest of the world -- a burrito from a taqueria in California might as well be called a "burro", because whatever it is, it sure doesn't merit the diminutive "ito" ending! One of these suckers has 'nuff calories to feed an army. We're talking about something that's about the size of the average man's sneaker!

    And as for the mercury, sorry, I've never been fond of Ford Motor Company products. I'd rather have a Honda, much more reliable, far better fuel economy.

    - Badtux the "Bought the burrito anyhow" Penguin

  5. Since the start of this year, I've lost about fifteen pounds. Swearing off McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's fare helped a lot. The only fast food place I go to anymore is Subway, usually for cold subs with more veggies and less meat. I've cut back on meat consumption as well. Wouldn't hurt me to lose another fifteen pounds, but it seems I crossed a point of no return when I hit 200 back in the 90s. I'll probably be overweight for the rest of my life. But that beats the hell out of being obese...

  6. Burritos the size of a man's sneaker? You can actually eat one of those things without dying? You must have cast-iron innards, then -- one eight-ounce burrito like the kind I see around here is about all I can handle. I like Mexican food, but it'll go through me like water going down a drain...

  7. If you want a sub from Subway, the 6" turkey sub on wheat is about 300 calories if you leave off the cheese. I always have them add extra jalapenos, for extra roughage in my diet. Yum!

    And yeah, the burritos from taquerias around here are *BIG*, but a lot of that is rice and beans. You watch them make it, they swirl on a couple of scoops of some beans, dash on a couple scoops of some rice, splash on whatever meat you asked for (the chile verde - pork in green sauce - is usually delectable), sprinkle some onion and cilantro over the top, and wrap it all up. That's the "basic" burrito, weighs about 1 pound. It'll knock a Mexican construction worker to his knees. There also have bigger burritos, but I don't know who buys those. I suspect you'd have to be a Mexican construction worker just to pick one of those big guys up.

    -Badtux the Spicy Penguin

  8. All the same, I think I'll keep my burrito consumption to a minimum. As well as my jalapeno consumption. I'm not a dragon, therefore I'm not cut out for farting fire...

  9. BT, it never dawned on me that folks elsewhere wouldn't know about our burritos, but then, I'm at a disadvantage - I was born in L.A. In my travelin' years, you couldn't find a taco east or north of Texas.

    The ones at 7-11, the supermarket, or Taco Blech ain't a pimple on the ass of a real burrito.

    Tip: order the 'to go' container when you order your burrito. Saves time.

    I like the chili verde as well, and some of the more gringo joints are offering mesquite grilled meats that are good too.

    I like the little Mexican-style tacos with pork al pastor, or 'shepherd style', with an agua de arroz aka 'Horchata' to drink. Yum!

    When it comes to pig, them Meskins use everything but the squeal. You oughta see their eyes light up when someone has a baggie full of boiled pigs' ears aka 'doggie chew toys' to us gabachos.

    I stay away from the lengua and buche though, 'cuz I'm squeamish.

    I live in a town of 14,000, but since it's big on tourons we have about six Mexican restaurants and some of the gringo joints serve Mexican dishes. And why not? The kitchen staff usually has folks that know how to do them.

    There's more Mexican food in California than you can shake a stick at, and it's all good. It varies from place to place as to ingredients, regional style, and spicing, but that keeps it interesting and fun.

    BTW, a lot of folks do call them 'burros'.

  10. Hey, congrats on taking off the ten pounds and knocking the blood pressure back a few points. You're well and need to encouragement. We'd like you to stay around a few more years as there is much work to be done.

    How is Fang's diet going?


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