Friday, July 14, 2006


The mighty Fang gets as close to a bird as he ever will... (and yeah, I know the light metering sucks. Unfortunately, without going to manual light metering I couldn't get a better pic, because if I focused on a bright part to get the light metering right, then the cat was out-of-focus... and I didn't have time to dig thru all the @#$%@ menus on the camera to set the manual light metering, Fang was on the move!).

- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. Kudos to the mighty fang!! And the pic is cool, I think.

  2. Far more ominous with Fang just as a silhouette.

  3. My Pentax Spotmatic was supposed to take care of just that problem, but every picture I ever took in that situation looked just like that.

    No if you could convince Fang to assume just that pose in better lighting you could merge...yeah, right, like a cat would do that.

  4. i agree with k.ron, pic looks good now with fang in silhouette.

  5. It's a major feat just to get a cat in a picture.
    Six cats - zero good pics of said cats.


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