Saturday, March 04, 2006

Yet another outlet of the Waistline Expansion Demons

Carl's Jr. just introduced a jalapeno burger.

As a native Louisianian I of course cannot pass up spicy food. I love Korean cuisine -- oooh, that spicy red sauce! When I fix pizza, I put jalapeno peppers all over it before I stuff it in the oven. But my jalapeno burger fix has gone unfulfilled ever since I moved out of Whataburger territory (you can get your Whataburger with jalapenos, and yum is it good!). It just isn't worth trying to fix hamburgers for myself from scratch -- you can't buy just two or three buns, you have to buy a whole eight-pack (which I won't eat up before they go bad), and besides, hamburgers are best cooked on an outdoor grill over a charcoal and wood fire and my iceberg is currently docked at an apartment complex that prohibits charcoal or wood grills.

Well, my lust for a jalapeno burger goes unfulfilled no longer. And, alas, a Carl's Jr. is only a 3/4th mile walk from my apartment...

Evil. Evil evil evil, I say. Now I know why the workers at Carl's Jr. wear those caps and smocks... it's to hide the horns and tail!

- Badtux the Waddling Penguin


  1. I thought they supported apartheid. I haven't set foot in one since someone told me that years ago.

    Nevertheless, that jalapeno burger sounds great.

  2. Jalapeno pizza. Damn.

    I can handle an expanding waistline, but farting like a dragon is gonna take a whole lotta getting used to...

  3. Penguins must really be tough! There's no way I could ever live any place I couldn't get a jalapeno burger. It just isn't civilized. Congratulations on the Carl's jr.

  4. 3/4 mile each way is 1 1/2 total.Good walk even if you do have to dodge traffic.

  5. I love going to Subway, getting a meatball sub with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos and onions. People do not want to talk to me afterwards, I wonder why? for

  6. Mmm, I *love* Subway. The local Subway starts piling on jalapenos as soon as they see me...

    -BadTux the Heat-loving Penguin

  7. I personally, have a fondness for deep fried serranos. Yum,


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