Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Catholic nuns and priests go to jail

One of the untold stories of the past five years of Bush Reich rule has been the dozens and dozens of Catholic nuns, priests, and laity who have been jailed for protesting against the war in Iraq. One by one, they've been disappeared into the American Gulag for weeks or months at a time (or in cases, years), not for harming people, not for stealing from people, not for being a danger to people, but for the crime of standing where The State does not want them to stand, the crime of speaking what The State does not want them to speak, the crime of believing what The State does not want them to believe.

If you want truly scary results, try the Google search Catholic nun sentenced war protest. Apparently these women are hiding weapons of mass destruction beneath their wimples, if you believe what The State says.

The United States is a police state. We just refuse to admit it, because that would mean admitting that the people that the police state is bearing down upon are not thugs and criminals, but, rather, people braver than us, people with the courage to speak out against injustice and war rather than cringe in terror behind keyboards. It would mean admitting that we are a nation of cowards and fools, who believe what we're told to believe, who think what we're told to think, who fear what we're told to fear, rather than the land of the free and the home of the brave. And for most of us, shedding our dearly-held delusions will happen about the same time that an ordinary citizen rather than a member of the unelected elite that rules us is elected to be President of the United States. No no, far better to believe that we live in a free and principled democracy, where the police only arrest and convict people who are guilty of real crimes against humanity, rather than the crime of stating truths that The State doesn't want us to hear....

- BadTux the Clear-sighted Penguin


  1. There's a story at Raw Story now about the FBI and who they snoop on. They snoop on the people the very least apt to be a danger to anyone.
    Go freakin' figure!

  2. I wonder what will happen when I put a sign on my car that says "American Vietnam Vet against the Iraq war.

    These people disgust me. They say we are fighting for freedom.

    They just didn't mean ours.


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