Monday, March 06, 2006

Why John Edwards is a terrible candidate for President

John Edwards, Kerry's hapless running mate, has announced he's running for President (again). If he became the Democratic candidate for President, the Republicans would wipe the floor with him.

Edwards was incredibly weak as a VP candidate. He didn't pull in North Carolina for his ticket, and Dick Cheney wiped the floor with him in the VP debate. Dick was the pure epitomy of evil there, never stating anything true if a lie would do, and Edwards looked flustered and bewildered and a lot like he was wanting to shout "Objection, your honor! The witness is purjuring himself!" every time Cheney popped out another great big lie.

Edwards is a good guy, but he just doesn't have the right stuff to confront the pure evil that is today's Republican Party. Sorry. That's just the truth.

- Badtux the Political Penguin


  1. Seems most of the democrats in congress and the senate are too wimpy for the evil Republicans

  2. Christ... is this the best we have?

  3. You're assuming the Democrats are even trying to win anymore. Given their performance since the election, I'm not at all sure that's actually true. The administration's uninterrupted string of colossal fuckups has given them prodigious amounts of ammo to fight back with, and they haven't risen to the occasion. Christ, they couldn't even be bothered to flilbuster Samuel "Constitution? What Constitution?" Alito. They are an opposition party in name only.

  4. I think one problem is that the Democrats still assume that the United States is a democracy. It's not, of course. It's an oligarchy, where a small elite rules. Until they get that through their heads and start pounding on that every day, going back to the basis of being the party of the people rather than the party of various special interests, they'll continue to lose.

    Of course, the fact that the top people in the Democratic Party are also part of that oligarchy may make that hard for them to see...


  5. I'll make my comment and run before the vegetables are tosses at me. I think Russ Feingold could handle the Repubs. He's way more professional than anyone they have. He's a Rhodes scholar and he isn't afraid to go against the grain as he voted the against the original Patriot Act. He was the only one. He said he voted against it because he read it and he couldn't vote for some of the things he read. He also voted against the war. How much more do we need?

  6. Edwards is an opportunist lawyer who is unbelievably unqualified for the presidency. The little political experience that he had (a short stint in Congress) was marred by chronic absenteeism. The guy basically spent all his time running around DC trying to bolster his career while neglecting his job (representing the people of NC). He sucked so bad that the Kerry/Edwards ticket failed to even capture his home state (ala Al Gore in 2000). Oh for the days of noble men who got into politics to serve and make a difference for the people. I wish Theodore Roosevelt was still alive so he could kick this punk's ass!


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