Monday, October 02, 2006

Office coffee: Boon or bane?

I'm just wondering. Is there, like, some law that says that office coffee must be disgusting?

I poured a cup of office coffee a few minutes ago. It foamed. Bad portent. I took a sip. BAH! Even worse than the Folgers they used to make! I poured it out, washed out my cup and my mouth with soap and water to get rid of any taint of the stuff, and made a spot of tea instead...

Thankfully I have a little 4-cup coffee maker and my own Community Coffee dark roast at my desk, or I'd be going thru caffeine withdrawal big-time.

-- Badtux the Caffeinated Penguin


  1. I drink a pot at a time at home. I can not drink coffee in my office.

  2. I keep a bag of Peet's in one of my desk drawers. Office coffee is the pits. Bad for you, too.

  3. What, they don't allow coffee in the toilet stalls at the truck stop, Newsy?!

    -Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  4. Oh yeah, here too. I brew my own. Peets.

    Our office coffee is just a bit below the quality of vending machine coffee.

  5. cornfield jane4/10/06 10:10 AM

    Worse yet is the office coffee vending machine!!!! I don't understand how anyone can drink that stuff. I bring my own - usually a stout, fresh Folgers. Or if I have a lot to do, a stout pot of French Market. One pot of that and I'm Super Woman - I CAN DO A WEEK'S WORTH OF WORK IN ONE DAY!!!
    Caution - be careful, the other workers may think you're coked up.


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