Saturday, August 27, 2011


The laundry room, five minutes ago. The Mighty Fang is looking at me, like, "yeah, I'm on my warm vibrating catalounger again. So?"

Yes, I've been washing a lot of clothes this week. What happened was that I noticed that most of my sheets were worn out, so I went and got a couple of sets at Ikea. So I open a package, toss the sheets and pillow cases into the laundry basket, then accumulate clothes on top of it until I have a washerful. Add in a load of towels (and pair of jeans) in the middle, and that's three washloads over the past four days, one per day, skipping yesterday.

What I don't understand: It's pretty warm today, around 85F. The laundry room is even warmer, and steamier. WTF is with that cat and heat?!

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. Cats are natures heat sink Tux.

  2. My 13-14 yr old cocker has decided to lay in the sun coming through the skylight. He's black and would avoid the sunlight like the plague up to about a month ago. Now he will get up and move with the light.

  3. Our black cocker, Bodhi, does the same thing following the light from the clerestory window across the living room. He finally figured out, that by making a nest on top of the couch, he didn't have to move as often.


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