Monday, August 22, 2011

Walking repair

Adalita Srsen, formerly of now-defunct Australian rock band Magic Dirt, has done the one-name thing that seems de rigueur for female singer-songwriters nowadays. Of course, given that her last name is one of those names that lacks sufficient vowels to be pronounced correctly by anybody who's not Polish, you can't really blame her for jumping on the fad.

This is "The Repairer" off her self-titled 2011 album Adalita. This video is just her walking around in the springtime Australian countryside at the beach. Given that she's 39 years old, I'm not sure why they did this, it's like they're treating her like some teeny-bopper to show off her body. Okay, so she looks good for a 39 year old woman. And, uhm, yeah?

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. Walking Repair, and she's . . . walking.

    Works for me. She looks like Chrissie Hynde - who will be 60 in 16 days.

    Damn - I'm old.

  2. Oops, forgot to put the title of the song and the album, important because that's how I keep from repeating myself (unless I want to, which I sometimes do, duh). Anyhow, yeah, you figured out my post title :).

    - Badtux the Music Penugin


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