Wednesday, August 03, 2011

GAH! Stupid ear-worm

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head with "Sophisticated Sideways Pony Tail". If there's a World Series of stupid, this song is it. A bunch of baby hipsters singing tripe to party to. Its only saving grace is that it is very, very short. Yet somehow it manages to hit all the crowning moments of modern pop. You have the cute front-girl. You have the sexually androgenous young male. You have violence. Sex. Inuendo. Hot. Hot. GAH!

-- Badtux the Earwormed Penguin


  1. If you're gonna do videos that creep you out:

  2. Marc, what about this video creeps you out? It's a hipster commentary about a hipster hairstyle fad, from what I can tell, but manages to squash in enough sexual inuendo, violence, and etc. that it's almost a perfect pop song -- short, inane, and hot hot hot. Anyhow. Apparently other hipsters felt that a sideways ponytail was somehow "sophisticated" compared to a regular ponytail. Huh. Thus the central question of the song -- "do you like my ponytail?" But creep me out? Uhm, no. Make me want to hump that little girl's bones? Yo. Which I think was supposed to be the effect.

    - Badtux the Pop Penguin

  3. The band could have named itself "Natalie Portman's Shaved _____ (something else)". Except I guess no one shaves any more. Just waxes...

  4. Bukko, they just made up a hip irreverent name out of thin air because, well, the movie V for Vendetta had came out and Natalie Portman looked hawt with her shaved head. The band was apparently an excuse to party hard and get free drinks. It went a little further than they expected, and they've now had to change their name to something else because Natalie Portman's people got upset, but (shrug). They never intended to make great music, and they never did. It was just hipster pop to dance and drink to. Yet somehow they managed to embody everything that's bad or good about hipster pop into 1 minute and 10 seconds... I detest this song, yet I am in awe of it. Ever have those kinds of feelings about something?

    - Badtux the Baffled Penguin

  5. I watched it and now my life is complete. I can die happy, er, satisfied, um, ... what was the question?


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