Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just some punk-ass newgrass

The .357 String Band is a newgrass band from Milwaukee. This is "Raise The Moon", off their 2006 album Ghost Town. Watching their live videos is hilarious, here are these scruffy punk-looking types with tattoos and such coming on stage, you figure, "there's the roadies come to do the set-up", and... they start playing. And they play this song faster live than they do on this album version! (Only reason I didn't put the live version here is that the vocals get all muddled live, sigh).

This band is so obscure that they don't even have a Wikipedia page, and while they've released three albums, none of them are in print. But they're *smokin'* those bluegrass instruments and bringing the kind of attitude that bluegrass originally was -- i.e., as a rebel updated version of traditional Americana.

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


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  2. Okay, I am sooo going to post this song tonight -- complete with the mp3 and all that.

    The amount of time that I have right now, I should just let YOU post my music for me lol.


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