Sunday, May 15, 2011


For the next week I'm going to be doing a test: I'm going to be blogging at to see how that works. Next Saturday I'll make a decision as to whether to do that permanently, and post the decision here and there. Hopefully by that time Blogger will be back to normal...

UPDATE: The Wordpress experiment is over. It turns out that there is a critical piece of functionality that will not allow me to implement while using their site for hosting. Since I will not self-host a site for a number of reasons I won't go into here, that makes it worthless for me. So all future postings will be here on unless there is another fail, at which point I'll *temporarily* turn on the Wordpress site again. I will also be working on a mechanism for automatically notifying you to go to in case of a blogger failure. Hint: It will be via a mechanism that doesn't allow me to use, which *does* allow me to use. Hint#2: Javascript. Hosted and served from a domain I control, referenced in my blogger template, capable of redirecting even cached pages :).

-- Badtux the Blogging Penguin


  1. See your thread upstream on "Not all here yet". I posted a solution to a problem that, as it turns out, is not yours after all.

    But I am facing the same kind of "one awful problem" phenomenon that makes me wonder whether I can use Wordpress going forward. I wrote a post about a Bill Maher segment and attempted to insert the Mediaite-approved HTML to display it. No go: Wordpress forcibly replaces the IFRAME tags with some other container, which promptly displays the video's location, not its content. They have a special video button on the editor that allows inserting the more common videos... YouTube, etc. ... but this is just one more obstacle, and I didn't succeed in solving it overnight. (Literally. Overnight.)

    BTW, when I decide, you'll find the link will take you to one or the other of the sites. Don't try using it as a source for feeds, etc.; it's just a forwarding page. Right now it points to the Wordpress blog.

    (CAPTCHA text: "reyedi" ... not so much "ready" as "red-eye".)

  2. Oh good. It is always such a hassle leaving comments at Word Press. Except, that Steve Bates has managed to overcome that problem somehow.

  3. Hopefully, Blogger won't have another problem soon...


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