Sunday, May 15, 2011

Libertarians and hatred of democracy

One of the things that strikes me most about Libertarians is how much they hate democracy. They decry democracy as "mob rule" and state that the power of government in a democracy must be limited by, well, some libertarian elite, I guess. Which differentiates libertarianism from Stalinism... how? I mean, c'mon. Imposing your philosophy at gunpoint is imposing your philosophy at gunpoint, for cryin' out loud, whether your philosophy is "limited government" or "Communism"!

In short, the fundamental philosophy of glibertarians is that We The People are too stupid, too cowardly, too venal, too evil to be given the power to govern ourselves according to how the majority of people wish to govern ourselves. What a gloomy, defeatist philosophy libertarianism is!

Of course, I've been known to be dubious about the ability of We The People to govern ourselves, too. The difference is that I believe that We The People should get the government we want and deserve, good and hard. The libertarians, apparently, believe that We The People should be protected from ourselves by a minority dictating to the majority... a profoundly undemocratic proposal that doesn't seem to bother libertarians at all.

-- Badtux the Democracy Penguin

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