Monday, May 16, 2011

Just throw Granny and Grampa under the bus

San Jose and Santa Clara County to slash all senior services to basically zero. City and county services for the elderly will be slashed by 76 percent, from $2.4 million to $560,000. Senior day care services? Gone. Meals on wheels? Gone. Senior citizen community centers? Gone. Pretty much the only thing *not* gone is the bloated salaries of the heads of the county and city senior services departments, but hey, gotta make sure the big shots get their money, right? Too bad about granny and grampa, but they shouldn't have gotten old, yo.

Hey, granny and grampa can't work because they're old and feeble, they should just go out on an ice floe and die, already, right? Right?! Don't you love that compassionate conservatism at work? Yay compassion!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. And, thanks to the global warming that they won't admit exists, there aren't even ice floes anymore.

  2. Leaving an old person outside in the rain when the temperature is below 15 degrees C will achieve the same thing, especially if they're malnourished to begin with.

  3. True 'nuff Bukko. As a bonus, the death certificate will say "Natural Causes" as the cause of death. Not "conservative skinflints". Which will be the *true* cause of death.

    - Badtux the Not-ready-for-ice-floe-yet Penguin

  4. So now, perhaps, they will realise that there is no Federal or State substitute for family.

    And Mr. MacKay should relax unless he's planning a trip on the Mk. II Titanic, there are plenty of icebergs around:

    David Duff

  5. Wow, Mr. Duffer, you're right. How *DARE* Granny have only had two children rather than a dozen children like *HER* granny had! And the bachelor Gramps who didn't marry until age 50 and never had any children? OFF WITH HIS HEAD! He's a race traitor for not reproducing, so should just die, already!

    And those silly "scientists" with their data who've measured overall global temperatures and found that the world is, as a whole, warming up? Elitist nonsense! And next time I need brain surgery, I want a plumber to do it, rather than someone who spent six years in college learning medicine then spent two years in an internship learning the ropes of surgery, because it's elitist bunk that spending all that time learning and training means anything!

    Thank you, Mr. Duffer, for your wise and compassionate contribution to this conversation. Here's your prize:

    \ /o
    | |

    -- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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  7. I'm sorry, Duffer dear duffer, but lies about the proprietor of this blog are NOT allowed here. See the ground rules. If you want to lie about me, do it on your own blog. This blog is my private property, and I do *NOT* permit people to come onto my property and insult me.

    If, however, you are willing to come here and do a fact-based discussion, I'll be perfectly happy to do that. Insults or fact-free talking points WILL be deleted, however.

    - Badtux the Property Rights Penguin

  8. Oh, Mr. Tux. The Duff finally found your blog. He has been extrolled from at least half-dozen I know, including ours. Thanks for giving him the Penguin peck! He soils every nest he visits.

  9. If you like old people so much, why don't you marry them?

    That's all I got. Makes me wonder what else they're cutting, & who else they're killing.

  10. My late father, on his bass boat, had a trolling motor. Now you, BadTux, on your blog, have a trolling motor-fucker.

    Like MandT, I just banned him. Life is too short...

  11. Back on topic... I expect that sort of government behavior in Texas, but it surprises me in California. What is NOT surprising is that the offenses are directed against old people. They are the ones least able to defend themselves, and also least able to simply move away to a friendlier location. E.g., right now, I couldn't move if my life depended on it. And that's exactly what the seniors in San Jose and Santa Clara county face: their lives depend on it.

    My only hope is that you... we... can somehow muster a sufficient democratic response to overcome the fiscal craziness, somehow make the government recognize the Keynesian nature of the situation, and respond accordingly. As I've said many times in many forums, we know how to address the economic problems; it's the political obstacles that may bring us to ruin.

  12. Steve, we have a conservative skinflint named Chuck Reed as mayor of San Jose right now. I'm talking about a man so tight that he turned off the water cooler in his law office to save a few cents per day in electricity costs, thereby forcing his employees to bring their own bottled water at their own expense. But funny, like most conservatives, he doesn't have any problem with the notion of spending millions to bring professional sports teams to his city... and Granny and Grampa? Well, let them eat baseball stadium hot dogs. (Cake is, like, so eighteenth century, yo). 'Cause they ain't gettin no Meals on Wheels, that's fo sho.

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin


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