Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just watch to the end, okay?

That is all.

-- Badtux the Amused Penguin


  1. I want the experiment to continue and determine whether a single cat will ever be deterred. My guess is, they'll all keep coming back. (I'm now whistling the old tune, "The Cat Came Back" ...)

  2. Thank you for posting something by someone speaking with an Australian accent. It's weird, but when I think about why I liked it down there so much, a lot of it goes back to the way they talk. I just love the twangy sound of how they pronounce their words. It sounds so friendly and slightly offbeat, but still comprehensible.

  3. "Join us next week when we discuss how to remove cat claw marks from your pavement"... bwhahaha!

  4. After watching the YouTube all the way through (interrupted by a technician here to change the cable TV box) all's I can say is that after looking at that contraption, it's apparent that Rube Goldberg's family tree branched out Down Under.

    Wait! That's not all I can say. Let me add that "Craig-o" (see how Aussies put an "O" on peoples' monickers to give 'em a nickname, which is why I'm Bukko?) is an Australian version of you, Tuxo.

    In related news, an Aussie (judging from the accent) deals with a cat issue you've had.


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