Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dishonest grandstanding

Senators blast VA mental health system for failing our veterans. 20% of all suicides are now veterans, even though veterans are less than 12% of the general population. And the Senate's solution to this problem is... to scold the VA?

Look: the VA is supposed to "fix" its mental health system (presumably by hiring more mental health professionals), and is supposed to pay for these new doctors by, uh, wishful thinking? Senator, quit short-changing the VA and give them the money they need to do their job. Whining about how they're not doing their job when you're not giving them the money to do their job is just dishonest grandstanding.

-- Badtux the Military Penguin


  1. /snark on/
    It's better to abolish the VA and give our soldiers vouchers for their care -- just let the free market take care of 'em, since that will lead to more efficient outcomes.
    /snark off/

  2. Being a veteran and also using the VA system I can attest to the sheer numbers of guys that are using the VA Mental Health Care. Even here in Podunk, AL there are guys still suffering from PTS related to the Vietnam War. As to the Senators, most them now have never served in the military and only give lip service to it.
    I can attest to the fact that the VA does provide excellent medical care in this area. The Birmingham, AL VA Clinic and hospital is top notch. Everything is computerized and I expect in the future to see their staff walking around with Ipad's or something like them.
    While Medicare may be the third rail of politics as seen in NY 26, Veteran's Benefits is the power going to that third rail. Remember, there are lots of Veterans still out there and if they turn against the powers that be, then there will be a blood letting next election.

  3. A couple weeks ago, I was searching online for jobs for veterans. (My son needs a summer job before college starts again in fall.)

    There were a TON of ads for shrinks.

    We have two VA hospitals in easy driving range. Can't say we've been impressed with either. Son was told to drive to one this past month because of a head injury. He was taken there and they didn't even take an x-ray of a scalp laceration that went through his eyebrow and visibly dented his head. They said, "Oh, yeah, that will be a concussion." and sent him home.

    May whatever gods may be help our troops and vets~!

  4. There is nothing more frightening to flag waving chicken hawks than real soldiers.

  5. To MandT... In my observation and opinion, there should be nothing more frightening to soldiers than flag waving chickenhawks whether of the stay at home patriot variety or the politician variety. :(

    Jay in N.C.


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