Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wikileaks: Saudis at Peak Oil

Wikileaks document: Saudi oil production has peaked, stated reserves are fictional.

By 2020, Saudi oil production will start crashing like a rock. And with them producing around 15% of world oil, and alternatives to oil still being nowhere near capable of taking up the slack...

Just makin' out my last will and testament, yo.

-- Badtux the Apocalyptic Penguin

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  1. It's surprising how many people do not know what "Peak Oil" means, even though it will be the defining paradigm of the 21st Century. I was talking Tuesday with my boss, who's an intelligent woman, and brought up the term. She had never heard of it. I gave her my standard 10-minute spiel about how we've gotten the easy oil, what EROEI means, how we're essentially eating oil when we buy any commercial food products...

    One good thing about Canadians and Australians is that, when you introduce a topic new to them, they do not automatically reject it the way that many Americans do. In the U.S., if you say anything that suggests the current way of life will not go on, it's met with skepticism. I believe the majority of people in the U.S. think that if they don't already know something, it's not worth knowing, so they scorn it. People in less-hubristic countries are not knee-jerk inclined to disagree with new info.

    Anyway, I'm surprised that mainstream media are picking up on a Peak Oil topic. I think they've been keeping quiet on the subject, to avoid scaring the sheople and irritating the Big Oil companies that pay them off with ads. Maybe the time is getting closer to when the Crunch will be felt, so the media is starting to allow the news to seep out.


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