Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Die, cell phone spammer, die

Latest scumbags to abuse the do-not-call list to call people on the do-not-call list are some New York scam artists who claim to be able to get you out of IRS problems (which, BTW, I do *not* have). Numbers they call from according to caller ID include 917-398-9525 and 917-398-5683, and caller ID says this is NY, USA.

If there was any justice these people would be behind bars for stealing from me by calling my cell phone (which costs *me* money)....

-- Badtux the Spammer-despising Penguin

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  1. I have received a couple of spam texts on my cellphone. I looked on reverse lookup and found that the number was from Brooklyn,NY. In order to find out more, I would've had to pay. I filed a complaint with the do not call list because my cellphone has been on the do not call list for a year.


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