Tuesday, February 01, 2011

And they call it....

ethnic cleansing. That's Mike "Huckleberry" Huckabee's solution to the "Palestinian problem" in the West Bank and Gaza Strip -- kick'em all out to some Arab country. Israel needs some lebensraum, yo. (Hmm, what other nation had that idea? I forget :).

Of course, the big problem with that "solution" is, where do you put'em? Every current Arab country has more people than they have water. Ain't no room in that hotel, yo. The closest would probably be Egypt, but Egypt doesn't want those poor sods any more than anybody else in the region does...

But that's okay. There's always the final solution, if you can't find a country willing to take the brown-skinned folk you're trying to ethnically cleanse from "your" land, right? Right?!

-- Badtux the "Nothing like a spot of ethnic cleansing in the morning!" Penguin


  1. I always thought that Mike would rather wear a brown shirt than a "dog collar".

  2. I was talking with my increasingly senile and reich-wing mother back in the U.S. last night. She was fretting over how "Tunisia has fallen" and "Egypt is about to 'fall' " and what was that other country that dismissed its government? (I had to remind her it was Jordan, where the king -- a freaking made-up, inherited KING in the 21st Century! -- had shuffled the bozos on the deck chairs.)

    I asked her why she was bothered about Egypt. (I like to bait her by playing the Socratic method. It also lets me find out what's inside the motivation of an unfortunately typical right-winger.) She said she was worried about what that would mean to "little Israel." Her words, "little Israel," from a woman who had never said a single word one way or the other about Israel. My mom watches a lot of Fox, and I could hear the Fox propaganda viewpoint leaking out from her mouth.

    I felt compelled to bring up the fact that "little Israel" has hundreds of nuclear weapons, plus jet bombers and missiles to deliver them. My mom countered that Iran has nuclear weapons, and "so do all those other countries." I told her that Iran does NOT have nukes, and asked her to name the other countries that have nuclear weapons, and she was unable to. However, facts do not matter to right wingers. She will continue to believe that "little Israel" is menaced by those other countries because the Arab nations look large on the map.

    Such is the mindset of a right-winger. It's a shame, because my mom used to be a decent person. Also a shame is that I no longer regard my own mother as a person, just as another nasty, deluded rightist. She will die soon. I wish I could feel sadder about that.


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