Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Holy mountains of death

System of a Down, "Holy Mountains", off their album Hypnotize.

Just in the mood for some nu-metal...

-- Badtux the Metal Penguin

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  1. Hate to be off topic, but
    I think I have a modest proposal
    1) Progressive bloggers should ask why Exxon pays no taxes, and got a refund last year

    2) Why ConAgra and Monsanto and other agribusiness giants get farming subsidies from our borrowed tax dollars (it was originally meant for FAMILY farms.) (I just bet they are making money.)

    3) Why does the Oil industry get ANY F*&%ing tax breaks (oil depletion allowance)
    and god knows what else…

    4) If we are going to pull the plug on AFDC or defund it or defund Head Start and kill other programs like HEATING OIL to freezing families we SURE ought to cut those tax breaks or REFUNDS for those who TRULY don't need them ..

    5) Yes this avoids the gargantuan military slice of the borrowed money pie…but we gotta start somewhere

    6) Why OH why is it that shared sacrifice means screw the poor and middle class



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