Monday, February 14, 2011

The revolution starts... err... not.

So in the aftermath of the Egyptian public driving out their President-for-life with protests and strikes in the aftermath of Mr. President-for-life Mubarak failing to take care of the fundamental business of the people -- that is, making sure that his people had jobs, food, housing, that kinda shit -- some of the folks of the lefty sort say, "uhm, say, we got those problems too, when are the Americans going to follow the Egyptian example and have a revolution of their own?"

What a *great* idea! And hey, we have one of these revolution thingies every two years, you betcha. Why, back in 2010 we actually had one of them there "revolution" thingies, called, "a vote". And, uhm... excuse me. You see the bozos that got elected? Republicans who hate government welfare except when they collect it themselves, teabaggers waving their sacks around while proclaiming "Keep your government hands off my Medicare!", the works.

So, as usual, the stupidest, most corrupt, most inept people got elected, while people with smarts were called "elitists" and had no more chance of being elected than The Mighty Fang has of flapping his ears and flying to the moon. At which point I gotta say... revolution? Dude. If Americans aren't going to even take the time out of their days to research the candidates and elect the best ones rather than the most corrupt ones (the ones who've taken the most bribes... err... "campaign contributions"... and thus have the slickest ads), what makes you think that they'd take even more time out of their day to, like, hold massive demonstrations and shut down cities and shit day after day? It is to laugh. If Americans are too lazy, stupid, and apathetic to even take the easy route to revolution, i.e., simply researching who's the best candidate and voting for him, they certainly aren't going to inconvenience themselves by marching in the streets.

So congratulations, America. You have your chance for revolution every 2 to 6 years (depending on the politician in question)... and you instead vote for Hosni Mubarak's clone brothers each and every time. It is to laugh. Or cry, depending upon whether you're one of those who've been thrown out of work by the oligarchs and corrupt puppet politicians or not.

-- Badtux the Cynical Penguin


  1. Badtux,

    I'm predicting that many years from now (after I'm long gone) Egypt will be an example of a thriving democratic state and we'll be, um, the world's largest banana republic. Viva la Idiocracy!

  2. I linked to this post because you said exactly what I want to say today.

  3. Your cynicism is duly noted and approved, 'Tux.

  4. Thereby illustrating another reason why I didn't think there was any point hanging around the U.S. People won't get off their asses to do anything like vote intelligently until shit gets REALLY bad. And then they'll just go about burning shit down, shooting each other, getting shot down en masse by the armies of the overlords... I used to think I'd want to watch that from a distance, but now I don't even relish the thought of watching. What's coming will not be pretty.

  5. US-American students can hardly be moved to go on strike, for crying out loud. As an instructor of said students who also spend time in Germany (where students strike enthusiastically and often), I'd say it's a win-win: you can oversleep your 10 o'clock and still join the picketing. My uni may yet see a strike in March, but I'll be tickled if more than 20 people show up.

    As for TMF - I'd vote for him over anyone in the Republican stable. He *is* native-born and over 35 in cat years, yes?

    Sungold at Kittywampus

  6. One difference is that American students are burdened by huge non-dischargable student loan debts that hang over them like a million ton rock, while German students get free or inexpensive tuition. If you strike and get expelled, you're still required to repay the loan -- even though you can't. If you don't repay it, you get a court order against you ordering you to pay it. If you still can't pay it, you get jailed for contempt of court. No, I'm not joking. It has happened..


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