Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Is World Nut Daily a pagan homosexual cult?

As we all know, the fine folks at WND.com are paragons of sanity. For example, homosexuals in Germany were required to wear pink triangles, and were eventually all rounded up and killed in the death chambers. So WND.com asks, "were the Nazis a pagan homosexual cult?"

Uhm. No.

See? Easy answer. For you and me. But we're sane, unlike Joseph "Batshit crazy" Farah, owner of WND, who apparently has dived into the shallow end of the pool a few too many times. WND.com Press has apparently published a whole *book* claiming that the Nazis were gay. Dude. Gay. Nazis. What next, WND.com is going to claim that the Nazis were a JEWISH cult? Oh wait, no, that won't happen because Joseph Farah loves Jews because Israel invaded Lebanon to keel moooslims, who him hates, hates, hates with a passion...

- Badtux the "WTF?!" Penguin


  1. "Batshit crazy" is right, "delusional" doesn't even begin to describe that mindset....

  2. Makes me wonder if the crazies proclaiming the Nazis to be gay ARE unconsciously gay...I mean, gee, is it their lust for all those snazzy tight uniforms making them certain no straight men could ever look so perfectly militant?

    ::snaps off sarcasm font::: Damn doses of unreality are screwing with my brain!

  3. I thought some of the Nazi leadership were gay, or at least liked to get it on with other guys, especially young studly Aryan types. Ernst Rohm (sp?) comes to mind, and IIRC it was also a pretty persistent rumour about Herman Goering.

    Then again, if the NSDAP can be called gay on that basis, the same could probably be said for the GOP.

    WV: crate. No thanks; I prefer Traynor.

  4. jbrock -- you're right, there were gay nazis, like there are gay Republicans. But bviously it's quite a stretch to go from "gay nazis" to "NSDAP was a pagan homosexual cult."


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